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Are you the next TikTok superstar?
We'll help you grow your TikTok... FAST - just don't forget about us when you're a famous influencer, okay? 😉🤩
WARNING: We only have a very limited number of spots available

Oh, and this isn't some scare tactic to make you buy, we actually do have a very limited number of spots. 500 to be exact. I'm not going to keep updating the website and saying how many are left, I'm too busy blowing up our members TikTok's - but at the time of writing this, we already have a little over 400 members, so, you know, sign up fast or miss out?
Billed monthly, cancel any time
  • 80 - 100 Views/Post*
  • 8 - 12 Likes/Post*
  • 200 - 300 Followers/month
  • *Limit 2 posts/day
Billed monthly, cancel any time
  • 300 - 500 Views/Post*
  • 30 - 40 Likes/Post*
  • 500 - 800 Followers/month
  • *Limit 3 posts/day
Billed monthly, cancel any time
  • 600 - 900 Views/Post*
  • 60 - 90 Likes/Post*
  • 1500+ Followers/month
  • *Limit 4 posts/day
How does this TikTok wizardry work?
To put it simple: We know how their algorithm works.

For the last 5 years our team has been dominating Instagram, helping many of the biggest influencers  on there (odds are you follow some of them, no joke).

But now, my Grandma is on Instagram - so it's not cool any more. SO we're taking our ninja programming skills and taking over TikTok.

A lot of the tactics we used to use on Instagram still work on TikTok - plus a bunch of secret little hacks we've worked out which to be frank, we just can't tell you about; but we CAN do it for you. (We can't have any competitors springing up, we're #1 and plan on staying there).

Step 1: Invest in a package
 Yes it's an investment, imagine being one of the early influencers on Instagram - #LaptopLifestyle #lambros
Step 2: We do everything
You thought it was going to be harder than this, didn't you? We'll promote your TikTok to real users, and ensure it goes viral organically and starts showing up on other peoples "For You". 
Step 3: You grow #famous
Not to get too 'geeky', but TikTok's algorithm works on a 'quality score'. Your profile has one, so do your posts. When we bump both of those scores up the right amount using our AI, then you grow, really really damn fast.
But does it 'really' work?
Here's some of our members, see what they say.
(Plus it's only like 5 bucks to try it, so just take the chance lol)
"I seriously love this site so much... I GOT A DUET REQUEST FROM BABYARIEL!!!!"
California, US
"Using TrendGrow has been one of the best investments I've made for my influencer career - 10/10!"
Mackenzie S.
Arizona, US
"Thanks to TrendGrow I was able to make TikTok my full time job! It's definitely helped my music career too :)"
Kayden B.
California, US
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you need my password or anything?
Nope 😉  -  Our service works by interacting with your account with high level REAL accounts; the perfect amount to get the TikTok algorithm to favor your profile, and your posts. This means we don't even need access to your account to work our magic 🧙‍♀️
Is it safe?
We have NEVER (and I repeat - NEVER) had an account get in trouble in any way. Everything we do is legit, and we use this on our own accounts (and our girlfriends accounts of course; it's probably the only reason they date us) so we don't do anything risky at all.
Why don't you give exact numbers on likes/views/follows etc?
Two reasons:
1. If you got exactly 100 likes on every video, that'd look pretty suss, right? Everything needs to look natural
2. It's real users; so we can't actually predict exact amounts; we just push it hard enough to hit the targets in your package (and because of this it's very common to get extra)
Is there any lock-in contract?
No way! Cancel any time. You can literally try us out for under $5. 
What if I already get a lot of views etc. - does your service stack on top?
It does, we constantly monitor your account to work out baselines and organic growth. Yes it's hard to track, but because of this we over-deliver. We look at it this way - if you only spend 5 bucks with us, we go broke very quick. BUT, if you're super happy, keep renewing your membership, and tell everyone about us, then we all win

(although, we actually do have limited numbers of slots available, truly, so we might not even get to the whole 'referring people' part lol)
Do you offer support?
If it's emotional support you need, we do offer free hugs.

If it's technical support, hassle David over at - he got stuck with the customer service job, so please be nice to him.
P.S. If we haven't convinced you how awesome we are by now, we're probably not the right service for you lol. Just give us a shot, we'll blow you away, we pinky-swear 😉
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